Astoria Column and the Condom of Construction

48c92b3fc37291e64a882bb93a4ce75805286908c6df38f8b33e5aa2e0ffa421It’s not hard to find a thousand words to describe that picture, particularly when you’re laughing your ass off and tourists are staring at you. I wish I could say the Astoria Column looks less…um…obvious when it’s not being restored but I’d be wrong. Astoria, you gotta think these things through.

The views from the park are fantastic, though. This little town is literally the last place you can stand before you’re either in the Pacific, the Columbia River, or the state of Washington. All three require heavy duty waterproof gear so Astoria is the obvious choice. Dive into the panos below, you know you want to….

Goonies_Glass_art_mediumYes, Astoria is the town where the Goonies was filmed. No, I haven’t been to “the house.” (The current owners became so sick of the daily glut of visitors peering in their windows and doing the Truffle Shuffle in their driveway, they literally banned all tourists, so don’t even think about it, Chunk.) Yes, I know a lot of other stuff was shot in that town, too. No, I don’t go cinematic geocaching around America with my camera, you need to get a life.

The sunsets are tasty. So is the locally roasted coffee. If you combine the two, your hands will twitch on the steering wheel all the way back to Portland in the dark.

October 4, 2015


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